Forgetfulness is a regular part of aging and is expected to some degree. However, it might convert into life-long conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease when it increases. As the condition progresses, consistent deterioration and decline occur in cognitive abilities. Your loved one suffering from these memory problems requires special care. Memory care is a long-term care option for people suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory conditions. If you have a loved one suffering from cognitive impairment, you should consider exploring memory care options. The idea may be overwhelming, but Alzheimer’s memory care facilities are equipped with resources to deal with it. Prepare yourself to find the best memory care option for your loved ones and come up with particular questions to narrow down your choices. 

Questions To Ask About The Staff

What kind of training the staff has?

Confusion, irritation, and wandering are some of the common symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s and require exceptional management. For this reason, you need to ask the Alzheimer’s memory care facilities about the staff they employ. The staff needs to be adequately trained to deal with people with cognitive impairments. You need to ask this question, so you are sure about the training requirements of the staff.

How much experience and knowledge the staff has?

Alzheimer’s and dementia memory care community facility needs the staff for the residents’ well-being. You must assure that the staff dealing with dementia and other conditions have the required expertise and qualification. After the training comes the question regarding the staff’s experience and knowledge.  

Is the staff on-site 24/7?

The purpose of staff in Alzheimer’s memory care facilities is to foster personalized care for the residents. It occurs when the staff builds a meaningful connection with the patients. For this reason, the staff should be available 24/7 to address residents’ needs.    

Questions To Ask About The Facility

What are the charges?

Memory care facilities are generally more expensive than assisted living homes. Each facility has its specific set-up, cost, and policies. You need to ask about these things beforehand to be clear about it. If finances are tight, you must explore those options that befit well with your budget.

What kind of rooms is available?

Different facilities have different arrangements. Ask the memory care center whether their rooms are private or semi-private. How many people can occupy one room, and what amenities are available in those rooms? 

What is the discharge policy?

In some cases, your loved one wouldn’t be able to get long-term memory care. Centers have made different policies. Some of the reasons for discharge could be aggression, sexual acting out, or extensive medical care that the community can’t provide. So, you need to ask the facility about its approach and discharge policy. 

Is the facility secured?

You must explore whether the memory care facility is safe, secure, and comfortable to live in. The security and protection of your loved ones are of utmost priority. So, you need to ensure that the facility you are choosing is able to provide protection and security for your loved one.

What are the protocols for particular preferences?

Suppose your loved one requires a special diet or has some preferences. A dietary request may include a vegetarian diet or a low salt diet. In that case, you can ask the memory care facility about their policy of accommodating requests.  

Questions To Ask About Activities

What is the schedule for activities?

Activities are a crucial part of memory care and essential for their well-being. While exploring memory care options, you must check out what activities are scheduled for the residents. The activities should be included after looking out for everyone’s cognitive abilities. Also, they must be a source of fun and entertainment for the residents. 

What are the available services and programs?

The next question you can ask is about the program and services of the Alzheimer’s and dementia memory care community. Many facilities offer on-site medical care and have services, such as labs, pharmacy, hospice, therapies, and other services. Further, the program must include specific daily activities that have proven to slow the progression of dementia and enhance the mood of the residents.

Does the facility cater to special needs?

If your loved one has some special needs or requires specialized medical care, you should ask the facilities whether they cater to them or not. Not every facility is equipped to cater to particular needs. So, try to be vigilant and ask these critical questions when visiting different centers.

Final Words

You will find various memory care options, and it will be a frightening experience to choose one from them. However, if you ask the right questions, your entire process can become smooth and successful. Keep the questions mentioned in your mind while exploring the memory care options!